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Griggs County Commissioner Meeting Notices

Griggs County uses an e-mail mailing list to notify the public of Commissioner Meetings. When a meeting is created/canceled or changed the system automatically sends out a notice to the users subscribed to that list.

How to subscribe

From your email program send an email to the following email address

The system will then send you a confirmation email to verify your email address. The email will state you have two options to join the group, either reply to the message or click on the "Join This Group". Due to certain security requirements the "Join This Group" button has been disabled and will not work and at this time we are unable to remove the button from the generic email template. Please simply reply to the email address, your email address will then be added to the notification group. Note: when replying to the email please do not delete any of the content from the email, it is used to identify your email. You will then receive an email confirming your subscription.

You will now start receiving notices from Griggs County when a Commissioners Meeting is created, modified, or canceled.

How to unsubscribe

From your email program send an email to the following email address

You will then receive an email stating your unsubscription was successful. Please note if the email address you are sending the unsubscribe email from is not part of the group you will receive an error stating such.

There is also a link at the bottom of every notification email with the instructions to unsubscribe.

Spam Filter

Please make sure you add the email address as a trusted address, the notices will come from that address.

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